Highlights from the Ethnomusicology Archive: “Music of the World: Ethnomusicology at UCLA”

“Music of the World: Ethnomusicology at UCLA” is a recruitment video directed by Professor Nazir Ali Jairazbhoy (the Dept. of  Ethnomusicology’s founding chair), and produced and edited by Brian Hodel.  It was made in academic year 1988/1989, the first year of the Department of Ethnomusicology's existence.  The video features interviews and performances by the students and ensembles of 1989.  We showed this video, along with "A World of Music" (1972), a 1997 Department of Ethnomusicology "highlights" promotional video and a 2005 UCLA Arts promotional video at the December 5th "Archive Hour."  We want to thank everyone who attended.  It was a fun and lively hour, as many of the faculty attended and well-remembered the names and faces of those featured in the films.  And for those who missed "A Blast from UCLA Ethnomusicology's Past: Promotional Films from 1972 to the present," we plan to have an encore screening in Winter quarter.  (And, yes, we are working on streaming the films and videos, but that's a topic for another day.  N.B.  As of August 2014, see below!)

Ric Alviso


As of August 2014, the 1997 Ethnomusicology Highlights video is available on the Ethnomusicology Archive "channel" of California Light and Sound!!

As of August 2014, the raw footage from the 1989 recruitment video is available on the Ethnomusicology Archive "channel" of California Light and Sound!!


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