Ethnomusicology Review, Volume 22, issue 2 (2020)

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Welcome to Volume 22, issue 2 of Ethnomusicology Review! We open with a timely invited essay by Rachel Mundy, which examines the presence of a musical zoopolitics in the popular considerations of...

Invited Articles

Death is everywhere and nowhere. Counting death has become a national pastime as the number of COVID-19 related deaths in the United States climb past 200,000, 250,000 and upwards on the daily news...


Lalingedan ni vuvu namaya tua qaunLalingedan ni vuvu namaya tua luseq……Lalingedan sini pu’eljan nu talimuzav a’uvarunLalingedan nulemangeda’en mapaqenetje tua...
E. M. Forster’s colonial novel A Passage to India is brimming with music, though almost exclusively Western styles. Even as one might expect some mention of Indian music within this volume...
Straight lines are arranged on a page in landscape format, marking themselves out from each other at their junction point: vertical and horizontal lines, some obliques. They're organized...
 This book is the culmination of decades of work on Hip Hop culture and Hip Hop activism in South Africa. It speaks to the emergence and development of a unique style of Hip Hop on the Cape...

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