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Ethnomusicology Review

Established as Pacific Review of Ethnomusicology in 1984, Ethnomusicology Review is the graduate student publication of the UCLA Department of Ethnomusicology. It is edited by graduate students and refereed by a faculty advisory board. Funding for the journal is provided by GSA Publications at UCLA.

Ethnomusicology Review publishes an annual selection of scholarly articles in the Current Issue section of its website and posts essays, book reviews and blogs in its Sounding Board section. Scholars interested in contributing to one or both of these forums are invited to look through the submission guidelines below.

Ethnomusicology Review is an Open Access journal and follows the standard set by the Directory of Open Access Journals of a Creative Commons license. This license allows users to use, reuse, and build upon the material published in this journal but only for non-commercial purposes.


Articles: well-developed essays of 4000-6000 words on topics related to musical practice. Articles are written from a variety of disciplinary perspectives including ethnomusicology, musicology, anthropology, sociology and cultural studies. Articles are subject to an extensive peer-review process prior to publication.

Sounding Board essays: intended to inspire conversation and debate on methodological, political and ethical issues, Sounding Board essays may take written or audio-visual form. Reviews of recently released books, audiovisual recordings, websites, theses and dissertations relevant to music scholarship are now posted on the Sounding Board as well. Written essays are generally between 1000-3000 words in length. Audio and video essays do not generally exceed 30 minutes of playback time. Each Sounding Board column is curated by an Ethnomusicology Review editor; please contact curators or editorial staff for more information.

Please see our Submission Guidelines for information on submitting to Ethnomusicology Review.




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Managing Editor (Sounding Board)
Lucas Avidan

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Nathan Harris

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Max Nikol
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Amy Brandon
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Samuel Lamontagne
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Alex W. Rodriguez
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Julius Reder Carlson
Dave Wilson
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Natalia Bieletto

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