Pacific Review of Ethnomusicology, Volume 04 (1987)

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Trance, Music, and Music/Trance Relations: A Symposium
moderated by James Porter

“This symposium was the concluding meeting of the UCLA course ‘Music 280: Seminar in Ethnomusicology.’ The participants in the discussion were Donald Cosentino (Lecturer, African Studies), John Kennedy, Douglass Price-Williams (Professor, Department of Anthropology), Jihad Racy (Associate Professor, Department of Ethnomusicology, and Johannes Wilbert, (Professor, Department of Anthropology). The symposium was held on June 3, 1987 at UCLA.”

Native “Bi-Musicality:” Case Studies from the Caribbean
by Martha Ellen Davis

“Mantle Hood’s term ‘bi-musicality,’ set forth in Ethnomusicology in 1960, refers to the pedagogical goal for his students of an acquired proficiency in a non-Western musical system. This present paper applies Hood’s term to a different sort of ‘bi-musicality’: the coexistence of two musical systems within a single musical culture.”

Ritual and Symbolism in New Age Music
by Richard Garneau

“During the past ten to fifteen years a new musical paradigm has emerged, internationally known as ‘new age’ music. Originally music for and about meditation disseminated by small independent record producers, new age music has emerged as a viable commercial genre manufactured and distributed by major record companies such as CBS, RCA, A&M, MCA and others. This article provides an introduction to, and an overview of, the new age music phenomenon; it also presents an examination of the socio-cultural base of new age music.”

On Beyond Zebra: Some Theoretical Considerations of Emotion and Meaning in Music
by Elizabeth Tolbert

“Like Dr. Seuss’ alphabet book On Beyond Zebra, this paper is an exploration of hypothetical entities that exist after the limits of the everyday alhabet have been exhausted. As ethnomusicologists we have been impressed with the plethora of musical sounds and structures cross-culturally. Yet when all is ordered and catalogued our studies of music throughout the world barely venture beyond the merely descriptive.”


The Anthropology of Experience
Victor W. Turner and Edward M. Bruner, editors, Epilogue by Clifford Geertz

Urbana: University of Illinois Press, 1986. 391 pp., figures, photographs, notes, references index.
reviewed by David Harnish

Charles Keil, editor
Periodical. 81 Crescent Ave. Buffalo, NY. 14214: Path Publications.

reviewed by Anne Rasmussen

Música Autocoma del Totonacapan: El Volador, Hua Huas
by Manuel Moreno Bernabe and Ismael San Martin Ramirez

Produced, notes in English and Spanish, and photographs by Guadelupe Castro De La Rosa. One 12 in. 33 1/3 rpm disc. 1986. Discos Pueblo - 002.
reviewed by Brenda Romero-Hymer