Ethnomusicology Review, Volume 18 (2013)


Welcome to Volume 18 of Ethnomusicology Review, featuring peer-reviewed articles, prize-winning papers, and Sounding Board essays from the past year. This year’s major change is the...


Virtuoso Performers and Virtuosic Gestures     Research on human perception of sounds has indicated that people possess much ecological knowledge on sounds originating from different...
Between June 2008 and July 2009, I conducted a series of kūkākūkā (discussion) and listening sessions with seventeen prominent composers and performers of Hawaiian language music on the islands of...
It would not be outrageous to claim that the musical traditions of New Orleans were the wellspring of twentieth-century popular music. The city’s music has been most profoundly influential in...
In the political imagination there is a stubborn fiction of a time when war was a heroic pursuit. In this narrative the sons of the wealthy and powerful—future elites and civic leaders—...
A lo largo de los años que llevo investigando mantuve una constante inquietud: ¿Por qué el tango se convirtió en parte importante del mapa cultural de Buenos Aires durante la década de 1990 en...

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On my last night in Dublin, I met with a few of the Shamrock Rovers Ultras for my “going away” session at the pub that Fiachra worked at near St. Stephen’s Green. The Ultras are a...
While scholars of nationalism point to a standardized print media as an indispensable tool for creating communities and binding groups (Anderson 2006; Duara 1993; Gellner 1983; Gladney 1999), Thomas...
The United States far outspends every other nation’s military budget, accounting for almost half of the world’s defense expenditures.1 No doubt, the US enjoys a global military...
I thought I knew a lot about music, but I did not know the first thing about Balinese gamelan music. So, like any new graduate student in ethnomusicology, it was the first course in which I enrolled...

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