Ethnomusicology Review, Volume 16 (2011)


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The editors are pleased to announce volume 16 and a multitude of changes that coincide with its release.The Name ChangeThe biggest change is the title of the journal itself. After more than 25 years...

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David Shorter
In light of their newly designed website, the editors of Ethnomusicology Review have asked me to reflect on the role of the Internet in today’s academic world. Their request was an honor and a...
A Tribe Called Red (icon)
"General Generations" by A Tribe Called RedThe audio above is the result of a collaborative effort between A Tribe Called Red (ATCR) and Ethnomusicology Review (EMR) editor Nolan Warden....

Featured Articles

Konono No 1
This paper explores some of the representations of Konono No 1 in the media, including promotional materials, press articles, reviews, and blogs. A critical analysis suggests that various...
All Saints Choirboy
IntroductionIn the winter of 2008, a poster hung on the wall outside the sanctuary at All Saints Episcopal Church in Richmond, Virginia. In bold font with the tone of an advertisement, it read:...

SEM Chapter Prize Winners

In 2007, Smithsonian Folkways released a recording entitled Chapinlandia: Marimba Music of Guatemala. Its liner notes open with a quotation by Erick Vargas, a performer in the ensemble Chapinlandia:...
Sudeten-German Music
Musical practice offers valuable insight into the ways people build and rebuild lives in extraordinary times. This past year I gathered seventy stories from Sudeten Germans who were born in the...
The findings of the study that I’m discussing today grew out of something I wondered about back when I was an undergraduate in jazz studies. I wondered why some students in the program seemed...
In this paper I propose that Haudenosaunee performance of the Delaware Skin Dance can be interpreted as a symbolic representation of their relationship with Delaware refugees and the conditions under...


Sonic Warfare
We'll come in low out of the rising sun and about a mile out, we'll put on the music.  — General Kilgore, Apocalypse NowWith a nod to war, technology, cinema, music, and...
Woody Guthrie: American Radical
In Peekskill, New York, in the summer of 1949, Woody Guthrie led a group of terrified folksingers in a desperate rendition of “We Shall Not Be Moved” as their car crawled down a bumpy...
Female Voices
Ashgate has once again published a must-have book/DVD combo. Female Voices from an Ewe Dance-drumming Community in Ghana: Our Music Has Become a Divine Spirit (2009) by James Burns is crucial for...
Salsa Macabra
Salsa Macabra es el título del álbum debut de la Orquesta El Macabeo. La agrupación, natural de Trujillo Alto, Puerto Rico, la componen músicos jóvenes, en su mayoría también integrantes de las...
Birds of Fire
Although it bears the subtitle “Jazz, Rock, Funk and the Creation of Fusion,” Kevin Fellezs’s Birds of Fire is not a comprehensive exploration of this quirky pseudo-genre’s...

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