Ethnomusicology Review, Volume 19 (2014)

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Whether you are reading these words on a computer monitor, tablet touchscreen, or good old-fashioned wood pulp, we welcome and thank you for being a part of the conversation in which this journal...


Introduction One night in the middle of a cruise, amidst the lights, noise, and scantily-clad dancers of an evening production show, the showband pianist quietly slipped off the bandstand and...
Imagination is a magic carpet / Upon which we may soarTo distant lands and climes / And even goBeyond the moonTo any planet in the sky / If we came fromNowhere hereWhy can’t we go somewhere...
To assume that every recombination of elements is necessarily inferior to its original form is to assume that draft nine is necessarily inferior to draft H—for there can only be drafts. The...

SEM Chapter Prize Winners

Macedonian Idol logo
Links to video:1. “Macedonian Idol – Mini-Concert I – Viktor Apostolovski”This excerpt is from an early episode of the ten male semi-finalists of the competition. It...
Once Upon a Time In China
Link to "A Man Should Better Himself" with Chinese characters, Cantonese romanization, and English translation:A full version of McGuire's prize-winning work has been published by...
The Devil in La Danza Bugabita
In the community of Bugabita, Panamá, the townspeople preserve and guard a tradition of moros y cristianos known locally as la danza Bugabita. Recent separation from the Catholic Church contributed...
Super Bowl
“I’m always thinking about women and what we need to hear.  It’s difficult being a woman.  It’s so much pressure.  We need that support.”--Beyoncé Knowles...

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