Pacific Review of Ethnomusicology, Volume 07 (1995)

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The Appropriation of Western Derived Music Styles into Kenyan Traditions: Case Study of Some Nairobi Christian Musics
by Jean Ngoya Kidula

Japanese MI-Kagura Ritual as Embodied Performance
by Jay D. Keister

“Lost in Time?”: Sources of the 20th Century Dizi Repertory
by Frederick Lau

On Music and Values in Gujarati Western India
by Gordon R. Thompson

The Wolf and Man/Bear: Public and Personal Symbols in a Tlingit Drum
by Maria P. Williams


Theology and Music at the Early University: The Case of Robert Grosseteste and Anonymous IV
by Nancy van Deusen

reviewed by John Morgan O’Connell

One Nation Under a Groove: Motown and American Culture
by Gerald Early

reviewed by Kimasi Browne

African Polyphony and Polyrhythm: Musical Structure and Methodology
by Simha Arom

reviewed by Julian Gerstin

African Music: A Pan-African Annotated Bibliography
by Carol Lems-Dworkin

reviewed by Daniel K. Avorgbedor

African Music: A Bibliographical guide to the Traditional, Popular, Art, and Liturgical Musics of Sub-Saharan Africa
by John Gray

reviewed by Daniel K. Avorgbedor

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