Ethnomusicology Review, Volume 20 (2015)

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From the Editors,Welcome to Volume 20 of Ethnomusicology Review! This volume includes a featured article and four peer-reviewed works on a wide variety of topics within the field of ethnomusicology....


As we snaked through a neighborhood on the outskirts of Lucknow, I imagined what our course trajectory would look like on Google Maps. Rounding the corner of an impossibly narrow gali, our...
Conceptos preliminares y acotación terminológicaLa particularidad de este artículo, realizado desde el ámbito de la Musicología, pero en el que confluyen aspectos de otras disciplinas, como la...
Rolando, a young cultural promoter for the Veracruz Cultural Institute (IVEC), deplores the fact that the public only sees the annual Afro-Caribbean International Festival as an occasion to enjoy the...
The Orisha religion began in Trinidad sometime in the middle to late-19th century, originating with several thousand indentured laborers (free, not enslaved) from the areas in present-day Nigeria. (...

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"Early music" is the term generally accepted for the study and presentation of pre-modern and early modern European musics, with special attention to period performance practices including...

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Notes from the Field

Essays on Jazz

Historical Perspectives in Ethnomusicology

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Special Issue - After Pulse: Reflections on Music Scholarship in the Wake of the 2016 Orlando Nightclub Massacre

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