Pacific Review of Ethnomusicology, Volume 08 (1997)

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Note: Volumes 8, 9 and 10 each included an audio CD with musical examples cited in the articles. The original audio files are available for download.


West Coast Women: A Jazz Geneology
by Sherrie Tucker

“In this article, the author discusses the musical careers of numerous African-American jazzwomen who performed on Central Avenue in Los Angeles during the 1940s. She highlights their participation in the development and performance of jazz music and calls for a new type of scholarly dialogue which would discuss women’s and men’s roles rather than simply focusing on the dominant histories regarding male jazz musicians.”

Emergent Qualities of Collectively Improvised Performance
by David Borgo

“This article is based on ethnomusicological fieldwork with a trio of improvising musicians in Los Angeles and discusses the emergent qualities of collectively improvised musical performances. Related researchfrom anthropology, performance studies, socio-linguistics, and most importantly the rapidly developing fields of chaos and complexity studies, supports the article’s emphasis on qualitative and context sensitive analysis. Interview materials from the musicians and a transcription of a three minute excerpt from one of their performances illuminate the importance of musical interaction and emergent phenomenain collectively improvised performance.”

Waving Hats and Stomping Boots
by Helena Simonett

A Comparison of Human and Spirit Voices
by Robert Reigle


The 1995 Seeger Lecture: From the Insider Out(er): Issues in Ethnomusicology
by Nazir Jairazbhoy

UCLA Ensembles: Music of Mexico
by Sarah Truher

UCLA Ensembles: Old-Time American Ensemble
by Amy Corin


African Banjo Echoes in Appalachia: A Study of Folk Traditions
by Cecilia Conway

reviewed by Chris Provenzano

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