Pacific Review of Ethnomusicology, Volume 15 (2010)


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Unlike the day after a big party, this year’s publication of volume 15 is even more momentous than the last. In the previous volume, PRE took a look back at our twenty-five year history...

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On December 9, 2010, PRE editors Jessie Vallejo and Nolan Warden sat down to talk with Steven Loza, Professor of Ethnomusicology at UCLA. We were interested to know his current thoughts on...

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Resumo Apresentamos neste artigo uma reflexão sobre a tradição musical vinculada ao catolicismo popular da região nordeste do Brasil, com foco especial na cidade...

SEM Chapter Prize Winners

Winner of the Marnie Dilling Prize for best student paper at the 2010 conference of the Northern California Chapter of the Society for Ethnomusicology (NCCSEM) Introduction In...
Winner of the Vida Chenoweth Prize for best student paper at the 2010 conference of the Southern Plains chapter of the Society for Ethnomusicology (SEM-SP) Abstract...
Winner of the James T. Koetting Prize for best student paper at the 2010 conference of the New England chapter of the Society for Ethnomusicology (NECSEM) Abstract In Singing...


Ron Emoff’s latest book is a musical ethnography that seeks to illuminate the role of music in the production of history and identity on the small Caribbean island of Marie-Galante. The author...
I read this book three times before writing this review. The first time through was frustrating: the organization of information seemed jumbled up and the writing style needlessly arty. Rather than...
Although African drum languages have been of scholarly interest since the late 19th century, only a few book-length works have been published on the subject. As one of the most in-depth studies of an...
The past few decades witnessed a growing interest in the music of the Jewish communities of India. Indeed, the emergence of the close-knit community of Indo-Judaic Studies in the academy at-large...

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