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Better in Buenos Aires

Things are going well here in Buenos Aires. I have been making good progress in the archives/library, finding lots of useful materials. Thankfully, the staff at both the National Library and the Archivo General de la Nación have not lived up to their reputation as slow and unhelpful. Starting work at the archives was as easy as walking in and telling them what kinds of materials I was looking for.

First Days in Buenos Aires

I arrived in Buenos Aires on Thursday afternoon. The taxi ride from the airport to my apartment gave me my first taste of life in this crazy city -- the crazy drivers. My well paid taxi driver was rather careful and calm, but the rest of the drivers on the road were a bit terrifying to watch. Although the lanes are clearly marked on the streets and highways, most drivers here ignore them (see picture below).

Final Day in Santiago

I was ready to get out of Santiago by Thursday, when I flew to Buenos Aires. For my final day in Santiago (Wednesday), the weather climbed back up to 33 degrees (Celsius). It was brutally hot and uncomfortable, much like the first two weeks of my stay in Santiago. I had finished up my work in the library and archives on Tuesday, so I spent Wednesday seeing a few spots in Santiago that I had yet to visit.


Written Monday, March 12:
Things are much better in Santiago now that I've left my apartment. I had a lovely weekend after moving, and even got to spend yesterday afternoon in the mountains.


A blog update is overdue, so here goes.


I have settled into a nice routine at the National Library, and I am enjoying the stability and comfort that comes with a regular schedule. I am starting to feel more settled in Santiago, and have even reverted to some of my old New York ways -- especially when navigating sidewalks and crossing streets in this rather crazy city. After over three years in California, it feels very strange to see this side of my personality come out again.

Into the Weekend

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