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Review | If You Knew Her by Zara McFarlane (2014)

“It’s never been easy being black, British and female in the music industry. . . But in recent years, it’s seemed that black females have been few and far between – and the ones who’ve popped up haven’t been able to stick around.”

It’s A London Thing: Bringing the “Caribbean” to the UK

The post-World War II mass migration of communities from the Caribbean to England has had a tremendous impact on the cultural landscape of the United Kingdom. In my initial attempts to begin constructing an understanding of this impact, the perception that “tradition is not a static construct” and that “boundaries . . .

Stepping at the 7th Annual Zeta Yard Show (UW-Madison)

During the 2013 spring quarter at UCLA, I decided to conduct field research on the “stepping” tradition amongst the historically black Greek-letter organizations (BGLOs) for my final project in a field and laboratory methods course.

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