“Nawur Saud Atur Pandji Sakti” Ceremony

One of the most unique ceremonies in Bali’s history took place on November 16, 2011, fulfilling a promise made by King Pandji Sakti hundreds of years ago. Nawur Saud, roughly translated as “fulfilling one’s promise,” refers to a tradition in Bali where people promise to do something if the gods answer their prayers. For example, someone can promise to put on a wayang show or a masked dance in their house if their dying father is healed and becomes healthy again. 

During the time of the kingdoms in Bali, King Pandji Sakti prayed to Batur Volcano promising an elaborate offering if his wish came true. Apparently it did, because over 17 kilometers of white cloth were laid around the volcano and over 4,000 liters of tuak (Balinese rice wine) were poured as an offering from Singaraja to the location of the volcano in Kintamani. A small baleganjur group (marching gamelan) accompanied the procession (See map).


 It is not known what King Pandji Sakti prayed for, as the promise was made over 500 years ago. Please see photo and look for the white cloth stretched around the mountain. 



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