The Archive of Indian Music

The Archive of Indian Music (AIM), a private not-for-profit Trust, was created in collaboration with Manipal University’s Manipal Centre for Philosophy and Humanities.  The Archive seeks to digitize and preserve recordings of India’s cultural history and musical heritage.  The Archive holds recordings of a variety of genres, including Hindustani classical, Carnatic classical, Theatre, Early cinema, Folk and more.

To quote AIM:  "In today’s modern age, with technology making its presence felt in every walk of life, especially in the field of music and audio recording, it is baffling to know that listening to the earliest recordings of our music right from the wax cylinders, gramophone shellacs (78 RPMs) and vinyl LPs unless one has the required player, is a near impossibility. A lot of these rare recordings, which capture the voices of our ancestors, are depleting at an alarmingly rapid rate. Digitization of these records, preservation of this music for posterity and making them easily and electronically available to musicians, researchers, students of music and interested public is the need of the hour."

Vikram Sampath on the Archive of Indian Music:  "It's sad to see that the country doesn't have a digital music archive. Years of tradition and culture is rotting in the most unexpected places," says Vikram. He has sourced nearly 10,000 gramophone records from India dating as far back as 1902, when the first Indian gramophone record was created.


Young Turks goes musical! Meet Vikram Sampath of The Archive Of Indian Music that digitizes and preserves old Indian gramophone records.


The launch of the India's first Digital Sound Archive, the Archive of Indian Music (AIM) in Bangalore on 10th May 2013, was accompanied by an audio exhibition "Voices of India", held at the Alliance Francaise de Bangalore.


Launch of "My Name is Gauhar Jaan!"

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