Highlights from the Ethnomusicology Archive: Music of Korea Ensemble

Inspired by the 12th Annual Korean Music Symposium, I thought I would share some early images of the Music of Korea Ensemble.

UCLA Ethnomusicology's Music of Korea Ensemble was born when Dong Youp "Danny" Lee was hired as a lecturer by the Music Department in 1967.  The "Music of Korea" was first offered to students during the 1968-69 academic year as Music 70/170N.  Lessons could (and now can) include the kayagum (12-stringed plucked zither), komungo (2-stringed plucked zither), daegum (large transverse flute), haegum (2-stringed fiddle), changgo (hourglass-shaped drum), buk (barrel drum), and jing (large gong).  During its 45-year history at UCLA, the Music of Korea Ensemble has had two instructors: Dong Youp "Danny" Lee (1967-1997) and DongSuk Kim (1997 to the present).

Music of Korea Ensemble, rehearsing, circa 1968

Music of Korea Ensemble in concert, circa 1969

Dong Youp Lee, circa 1969

Dong Youp Lee

Dong Youp Lee

Dong Youp Lee


12th Annual Korean Music Symposium -- Lectures on Korean Performing Arts: February 13, 1pm- 5pm  at UCLA Faculty Center -- Concerts with Guest Artists from Korea: February 13, 7:00pm at UCLA Jan Popper Hall -- February 14, 7:30pm at Korean Cultural Center -- February 15, 7:30pm at Korean Cultural Center.

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