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Re-territorializing the Los Angeles John Zorn Marathon

“This is absurd,” I overheard a security guard mutter.

Accounting for Meaning in Improvisation: Embracing New Research in Embodiment

Modern scholarly attempts to account for musical meaning in the academy are roughly divided among musicology, ethnomusicology, and systematic musicology.

Review | Experience and Meaning in Music Performance by Martin Clayton, Byron Dueck, and Laura Leante (eds.)

Experience and Meaning in Music Performance. Edited by Martin Clayton, Byron Dueck, and Laura Leante. New York: Oxford University Press, 2013. [x, 232 p. ISBN 9780199811311. $29.95.] Music examples, illustrations, bibliography, index, companion web site (www.oup.com/us/emmp).

Reviewed by AJ Kluth

Review | A Consideration of the Worlding Power of Music in Tigran Hamasyan’s "Shadow Theater"

Tigran Hamasyan’s new record, Shadow Theater, is an example of a work by an artist creating in a world of cultural and ideological multiplicity. The music is by turns melodic, complex, meditative, lamentful, kinetic, culturally particular, boundless, very old, and very new.

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