Announcing the "In Progress" Colloquium!

The "In Progress" series is an academic colloquium workshop created and organized by graduate students in the School of Music. The series was designed to address the needs of the musicology department's graduate students, though it is open to all faculty, staff, and graduate students in the UCLA School of Music who wish to participate and present their work (in progress). Their goal is to create a collaborative, supportive, and encouraging space for graduate students to showcase their work or research (in progress), work through ideas, receive feedback, and (most importantly) eat food. 

Each meeting features 3 presenters who'll have 15 minutes to present followed by 10 minutes of discussion/feedback. The first meeting will be held on Wednesday, September 28th from 1:30-3pm in SMB 1440. Food and drinks will be provided! If you're interested in presenting, sign up using the presenter submission form linked below. The deadline to submit abstracts/work descriptions is Wednesday September 7th. If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to Holland Rhodd-Lee (


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