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Announcing the "In Progress" Colloquium!

The "In Progress" series is an academic colloquium workshop created and organized by graduate students in the School of Music. The series was designed to address the needs of the musicology department's graduate students, though it is open to all faculty, staff, and graduate students in the UCLA School of Music who wish to participate and present their work (in progress).

Call for Contributions: Ecomusicology Sounding Board's section posts



Deeply interdisciplinary, the field of ecomusicology is a branch of study exploring the various and complex nexus between people, nature and sounds. Ecomusicologists can come from the fields of composition, acoustic ecology, bio-acoustics, ethnomusicology, historical musicology, biology as well as ecocriticism, biosemiotics, ecosemiotics, phenomenology.

Call for Papers: Ethnomusicology Review Volume 23

Ethnomusicology Review is now accepting submissions for Volume 23, scheduled for publication in Fall 2020. Started as Pacific Review of Ethnomusicology (PRE) in 1984, Ethnomusicology Review is an annual peer-reviewed journal managed by UCLA graduate students and a faculty advisory board.

Sounding Board in 2020 / Welcoming Our New Editors

As the managing editor of the Sounding Board, I would like to say: happy new year! We are excited to continue to provide a platform for a variety of voices from throughout the world of ethnomusicology in 2020. Over the last few months, we've gone through a few staff changes, and so the new editorial team is listed below.

Call for Papers: Ethnomusicology Review Volume 22

Introducing the New 2018 Team

Happy 2018, fellow ethnomusicologists and music scholars!

Call for Papers: Ethnomusicology Review Volume 21

Call for Papers:
Ethnomusicology Review is now accepting 

CFP: Ethnomusicology Review Volume 20

Call for Papers: Deadline Extension!
Ethnomusicology Review is now accepting 


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