Heather Paudler

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Ph. D. candidate Heather Paudler received her undergraduate degree in viola performance from the University of Wisconsin-Platteville and her master’s degree in historical musicology from Penn State. Her master’s thesis focused on Spanish Requiem masses from the late Renaissance. Currently finishing her doctorate in musicology at Florida State University, she is writing her dissertation while living in Boston and utilizing a Curtis Mayes Research Fellow Grant from FSU to study for extended periods in David, Panamá. Heather’s research examines the text, music, and choreography of the contemporary festival of moros y rristianos in the small village of Bugabita, Panamá, incoporating relevant archival research, interviews, oral histories, and practices conventionally intoned as “participant-observation” with newer methods that engage art and performance as ways of gathering ethnographic data. In addition to musicological interests, she also enjoys reading avidly and running unreasonably long distances.