Highlights from the Ethnomusicology Archive: the Colin McPhee collection

Colin McPhee was a Canadian musicologist and composer (1900-1964).  He served as a faculty member of the UCLA Department of Music, teaching composition and ethnomusicology from 1960 until his death in 1964.

Transcription of Mas gender wayang piece "Patra Wijaya"

     Please have a listen to the Mas gender wayang piece "Patra Wijaya." The ten keys of the instrument have been transcribed using the following Western notation.

Balinese Folk Songs 1

Today I interviewed my friend Ida Bagus Oka Geni Jaya about Balinese folk songs. According to Oka, these songs are like a short poem, full of philosophy. There are many types of folk songs, for example, songs for children that impart life lessons. Oka says “They want you to be a kid when you are a kid… they want you to have total freedom, so they give you little lessons through songs.

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