Bring the Noise: Popular Music Studies

Curated by Sophia Frankford

"The Role of the Instrument Maker in Popular Music Studies," by Will Connor

To celebrate the upcoming release of Ethnomusicology Review Volume 18, we're teaming up with the International Association for the Study of Popular Music for a series on Ethnomusicology and Popular Music.

Book Review: "Real Time: Hip-Hop in Israel / Israeli Hip-Hop" (Hebrew)

Real Time: Hip-Hop in Israel / Israeli Hip-Hop [Hebrew]. By Uri Dorchin. Tel-Aviv: Resling, 2012. [287 pages, $24.] Bibliography, index.

Reviewed by Oded Erez

CD Review: "Rebirth" by Lil Wayne

With this year’s release of I Am Not A Human Being 2, Lil Wayne returns to solidify his position in the rap world.  Fans will remember his most recent fall from grace (Rebirth) as an utter failure critically, an album so despised that i

CFP: "Ethnomusicology and Popular Music," co-edited series with IASPM-US

To celebrate the upcoming publication of Volume 18 of Ethnomusicology Review, the website for the US branch of the International Association for the Study of Popular Music and the Ethnomusicology Review Sounding Board seek 1,000-1,500 word essays, performance reviews, or alternative multimedia submissions (interactive web projects, podcasts, short video documentaries o

Review | Pink Noises: Women on Electronic Music and Sound by Tara Rodgers

Pink Noises:  Women on Electronic Music and Sound. By Tara Rodgers. Durham and London: Duke University Press, 2010. [xi, 336 p. ISBN 9780822346739. $24.95] 38 Illustrations, glossary, discography, references, index.

Reviewed by Tiffany Naiman


Review | Yeezus by Kanye West

Kanye West’s latest studio album, Yeezus, is intense, brutal, and fascinating. Departing from the R&B-heavy sound his previous studio efforts became known for, West delivers an unapologetic broadside to many of his fans’ expectations.

A Finnish Medley: Forging Folk Metal

In 1990, the Swedish black metal band Bathory released Hammerheart, in which they turned from worshipping Satan and cursing Christ to praising Odin and longing for Valhalla—thus Nordic folk metal was born.

Two Essays on Jazz Spaces at IASPM-US Website

As a part of their June series "Music Scenes," the website for US Branch of the International Association for the Study of Popular Music has recently posted a pair of essays on jazz and space that speak to one another in a way that ethnomusicologists may find useful.


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