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Highlights from the Ethnomusicology Archive - John Williamson

One of the many wonderful things about working in the Ethnomusicology Archive is the people that you have the opportunity to meet... students, scholars, researchers, musicians...

One of my fondest memories is that of iconic Australian folk singer John Williamson visiting the Archive in February 2004.  (Professor Anthony Seeger organized the visit.)  

Highlights from the Ethnomusicology Archive - the David Gamble collection

David Gamble, who passed away in October 2011, is considered “the” scholar of the Gambia. He was employed by the Colonial Office during the late 1940s and 1950s, and his published works include extensive monographs on the Fula, Wolof and Mandinka languages of the Gambia.

UCLA Ethnomusicology Archive - Introductions

Maureen with legendary Australian singer, John Williamson


Opening lines are hard.  You need to grab the reader.  You need to set the scene.  You want to be witty.  You need to be pithy.  You need to start writing.


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