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Victims of Globalization? Reactions to Learning the Recorder in Indonesian Music Classes

Many Americans have potent memories of their early years in music classrooms, squeaking out the melodies to patriotic tunes or outdated popular music hits on a plastic recorder. Even as a musician who studies music education as the subject of my Ph.D., most of the particulars of elementary school general music class have faded from my memory.

A Home at Disciplinary Margins: Reflections of an Ethno/Musicologist from Elsewhere

Gavin Lee is Assistant Professor at Soochow University School of Music in China. He completed his doctoral studies at Duke University on avant-garde music in Singapore, and his core research interests include postcolonial theory, affect theory, queer theory, global modernity and modernism, and the Sinophone world.

The Unexpected Impacts of a North/South Pacific Rim Cultural Exchange

Making Connections

Before this past August, I hadn’t seen the extended Radford and Te`arama family for almost five years, when I’d driven my family up the Al-Can Highway to Homer, Alaska.

Outside In: Songs of Identity & Dignity for Eastern Indonesians in Java

This post comes from Chris Foertsch. Chris is a recent MA graduate from Oregon State University in Anthropology, currently in Indonesia on a Fulbright Research Fellowship to conduct preliminary fieldwork for his PhD, beginning 2018 at University of Victoria, BC. Besides ethnographic research interviewing, he likes cycling, exploring cities on foot, and drinking strong coffee.


La Metamorfosis Performática Musical de los Jóvenes Emberá

El artículo de Crossing Borders de este mes es de la autoría de Juan Carlos Molano Zuluaga, músico y compositor colombiano, licenciado en música por la Universidad de Caldas en Colombia y Magister en Etnomusicología/Musicología por la Universidad Federal do Rio Grande do Sul en Brasil. Juan Carlos se ha desempeñado como docente en algunas instituciones y universidades de la ciudad de Manizales y Bogotá.

The Illuminated City of Memory: Double Edge Theatre in Jamaica Plain

Our post this month comes from Brian Fairley, a second-year Master’s student in Ethnomusicology at Wesleyan University. Prior to his graduate studies, he was the music director and dramaturg for Double Edge Theatre in Ashfield, Massachusetts.

Future Humans: Will Our Bodies Become Multiplanetary?

Our post this month comes from Elizabeth Stela, a PhD student in Ethnomusicology at UC Riverside. As a former dancer with the Martha Graham Ensemble, she is interested in how the body reacts to training, education, and non-human entities such gravity, technology, and musical instruments. Elizabeth holds an MA in oral history from Columbia University.

Rancheras Chilenas en el Alto Bio Bio

El artículo de Crossing Borders de este mes es de la autoría de Pablo Catrileo Aravena (1981), músico, autor y compositor popular y Licenciado en Educación, nacido y criado entre las ciudades de Concepción y Talcahuano en la Octava Región del Bío-bío en Chile. Como Profesor de música (Universidad de Concepción, 2006) ha desarrollado labores de d


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