Space is the Place: Ethnomusicology of Jazz

Curated by Molly Jones

Review | If You Knew Her by Zara McFarlane (2014)

“It’s never been easy being black, British and female in the music industry. . . But in recent years, it’s seemed that black females have been few and far between – and the ones who’ve popped up haven’t been able to stick around.”

Review | A Consideration of the Worlding Power of Music in Tigran Hamasyan’s "Shadow Theater"

Tigran Hamasyan’s new record, Shadow Theater, is an example of a work by an artist creating in a world of cultural and ideological multiplicity. The music is by turns melodic, complex, meditative, lamentful, kinetic, culturally particular, boundless, very old, and very new.

Jazz Communities and Social Influence

In 2007 I became interested in musician communities and how they think. Since I was starting to feel like I was a part of a jazz community in Chicago, I used my resources to write a dissertation that uncovered some truisms about cognition and jazz musicians.

Enunciating Power and Ex…Plosive Time: Cécile McLorin Salvant’s “Woman Child” and Silence Undone

WomanChild, Mack Avenue MAC 1072, 2013. Personnel: Cécile McLorin Salvant, vocals, piano (track 10); Aaron Diehl, piano; Rodney Whitaker, double bass; Herlin Riley, drums; James Chirillo, guitar, banjo. Tracks: St.

Foundation Studies: Contemporary Music Education in India

For the past three months, I’ve been in Delhi undertaking a research project on live Indian music. While some research – notably that of Peter Kvetko and Peter Manuel – has discussed the formally distributed Indipop, and other research has occurred on Sufi rock and the music of Bollywood, the live scene has remained relatively academically undisturbed.

CD Review: "Black Radio 2" by the Robert Glasper Experiment

Oftentimes people ask for change, but then find themselves disgusted when it doesn't come in familiar packaging. This sentiment holds true in regards to how jazz’s traditionalists have chosen to react to Robert Glasper, specifically his newly released project Black Radio 2.

A Jazz Perspective on Mexico City

In this installment of Space is the Place, trombonist and composer Brian Allen, who grew up in Texas and now lives in Mexico City, reflects on why he has chosen the Mexican capital as his artistic home base, and how the city has changed his outlook on life and music-making.


Musical Rhythm: Considering the Mind in Time

We, Alex W. Rodriguez and Joe Sorbara, have been doing some work around the idea of “practice,” particularly as the term is used in mindfulness mediation and musical communities. So, to begin, what do we mean when we say “practice”? There is, of course, a general “practice” of daily life that encompasses all that we do.


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